Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Biscuit Accident & wotto

A while back www.abiscuitaccident.com featured my tee 'Long Live The King'. It sold out pretty fast and even I didn't manage to get one :( This design was created after reading about The black Death plague. If I was to have a leader I'd want him to be an infected zombie corpse, wouldn't you? EDIT: Available again!

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Cit Kowalski said...

Here in Europe people really like your design!! thanks Wotto!!! ;)
We have finished our stock in a really short time! yep!
But at the end you will be able to get your tee...we sent it some days ago..fo' sure!! ;)
sorry for the delay buddy...stay tuned on aba's world!!

a guy from abiscuitaccident.com